Riding in Downtown Phoenix

Downtown Phoenix isn’t just the one stop shop for sporting events and hipster coffee bars, it’s also a great place to ride a bike around in. There are multiple spots Downtown to hit up and ride around, and nearly all of them have bike lanes. And Phoenix is only adding more bike lanes to make the city even more rider friendly. From Grand Avenue all the way to Fillmore Downtown Phoenix is a prime location for riding.




State Bicycle Co.

There are many bicycle shops in Phoenix, but none that cater specially to the ever growing fixed gear community, except for the State Bicycle Co. shop.

The shop has everything for fixed gear riders; tires, tune-ups, cranks, bars, headsets and breaks, but they don’t really need breaks.

State Bicycle Co., is a local fixed gear biking company that is headquartered in Tempe and one of the shop’s co-founders is Mehdi Farsi, ASU alumni.

Carter Mitchell, the shop’s general manager, has been working here since day one of the shop, nine months ago.

Instead of just being a place of business, the shop is also a hangout spot where riders come to chitchat or even party.  Can’t Fool the Youth 2, a fixed gear freestyle video was premiered in the shop.

“We try to do quite a bit of events,” Mitchell said. “We have a couple things in store for the next couple of months.”

The shop was designed with the skate shop theme in mind, Mitchell said, local artists who  do graffiti or tagging that are known by the employees even do murals on the shop’s wall, giving the shop the local and authentic feel. 

A customer, Galen Sailer, had just bought his very own State Bicycle and was picking it up in the shop.

“I found out that State Bicycle was local,” Sailer said. “So that really drew me to them.”

Sailer said that he really likes the shop, due to its large array of stock and the customizable options for his bike.

Sailer's New Bike