About Me

meHello, my name is Jesse Millard and I am a student, writer, dabbler in photography and cyclist. Since I moved to Downtown Phoenix I have taken an even more liking to riding my bike and discovering the large city I call home. I commute to school and work with my bike, but on the weekends I set out to ride  to the far ends of the city, night or day. I ride a State Bicycle fixed gear bike, the Falcor. It once was a pristine white bike without a scratch on it, but through discovering the city, being clumsy and stuffing it into the back of my friend’s Jeep weekend after weekend it has quickly turned into the dirtiest, worn out bike I’ve ever owned. I have a couple of cameras, one of which is a Minolta film camera that is older than myself. When I have the money I try and take a few pictures every now and again. Also, enjoy the picture of me up above during the summer, haircut free and apparently without the ability to shave. Further note, I took the picture of the header. Do not use without my permission.



A video about me, talking about Bikes


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