Guide to Flats

Just like when you’re driving a car, riding your bike can easily result in a flat tire. Especially here in downtown Phoenix where potholes, broken glass and debris plague the streets from time to time. Usually when a flat happens it is just the tube that is destroyed, but the tire can get shredded if proper care of the bike isn’t applied. Here is a quick guide to flat tires that is sure to keep your tires up and running while you’re cycling around the place you love, Phoenix.

How to Avoid getting a flat:

The most surefire way to avoid getting a flat is to keep the tire pressure up. Depending on how much tire pressure your bike needs always make sure that it is up to par at the least once a week. And in order to check if your bike has enough pressure place your thumb on your tire and firmly squeeze down on the tire. If it’s firm then you have enough air in your tire, but if the tire does give then be sure to pump it up.

Even with a good tire pressure a cyclist can still be a victim to flats. Always be aware of the road’s quality when you’re cycling. Look out for potholes, glass, garbage and anything else that might puncture your tire. If possible and always when it’s safest turn away from the debris on the road to ensure that you’ll be flat free.

bike tire

Squeeze the tire like so

To fix a flat:

Fixing a flat is a fairly easy process, but can be difficult to do on the road. You’ll need a multi-tool to take off your tire, depending if it’s quick release or not. A good one can be found here

A new tube, which can be bought at any bike shop around phoenix and a hand pump in order to pump it up is almost a must need. If you don’t know how to install a new tube here is a good video that teaches you how here.




One thought on “Guide to Flats

  1. Happened to me so often, for a little while I kept a tube in my bag just waiting for another flat. Phoenix streets are dirtier than anywhere else, they just chew up tires. It be nice if the street sweepers we out more…

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