Bike Safety From Another Cyclist’s View

Phoenix is up and coming with becoming a more modern city and with that there are many more cyclists filling the streets. According to the City of Phoenix’s safety reports there were 2,134 bicycle related accidents, with 18 of them being fatalities, making Phoenix a relatively safe place to cycle in, but not as safe as Copenhagen, a cyclists paradise. One fellow cyclist ASU Junior EJ Hernandez talked with me earlier today about cycling in Phoenix and how safe it is and what could be done.



Q: Why do you ride bikes in Phoenix?

A: I ride bikes in Phoenix to relieve the stress and to cruise around and have a good time. It’s not a bad place to look at and you can ride around and zone out and do your own thing.


Q: Do you think Phoenix is a good place to ride in?

A: Phoenix is a good place to ride in, there are parts where it can be better. Maybe throwing bike lanes on Central Ave. would be nice. But overall it’s a pretty good place to ride.


Q: Do you think it’s safe?
A: There are some crazy drivers in Phoenix, but I feel like you can find them anywhere. For the most part it’s safe, but you got to be safe.


Q: What do you think could make it safer?

A: Obviously if everyone wore helmets it’d be safer, having bike lanes and having drivers be more aware of cyclist on the road would be a lot better.


Q: What’s you biggest complaint with Phoenix and it’s bike accessibility?

A: The biggest complaint is drivers not caring too much if they go by a biker at like 30 mph, and they’re pushing you off the road. It’s rough jumping on the sidewalk and trying to make way when you only have one way to go.


Q: What do think could be done to make drivers more aware of cyclists and their needs?

A: Awareness and signs. Something that is much more visual to make them more  aware. Obviously wearing lights and helmets would help out. It’s as much on the cyclist as it is on the drivers.


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